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Sep 20, 2012 7:00am EDT
treatment in hospital. >> exhibit c, jonathan penner, which started as a cut nearly turned into an almost deadly skin infection. >> i came back and a surgeon cut out some tissue in my leg. but i'm fine. >> all three true survivors ready for their shot. >> 39 days. 18 people. one survivor. >> let's not forget, host jeff probst won four emmys in a row, i mean, he is -- >> remarkable. >> it's crazy. he's the best in that genre. >>> sunday, we'll be with the nominees, we'll be on the carpet. tweet what you would like to ask them to the twitter handle, at "the insider" live. we'll pose the questions to celebs on the red carpet. and bring you the answers on monday. >> anything you want to ask. >> anything. >> don't hold back, please. it will be more fun for us. >>> up next, honey boo boo's makeover tonight. >>> "the insider" is getting social, and we want to interact with you, as we interact with the stars. >> thanks you guys. >> good. that was good the way you did that. >> i am on "the insider." >> "the insider" on facebook. @the insider on twitter and is bringing your vo
FOX News
Sep 15, 2012 8:30am PDT
". we have wayne rogers, jonathan, tracy burns, john, and joining us this week, sally cohen is with us. welcome. tracy, you say this talk of nations coming together to rescue europe is bad for taxpayers in this country. >> cheryl, this whole kumbaya stuff is expensive. we send money to the imf, they send it to europe. is anybody in europe paying attention to the austerity measures? no. everyone keeps saying he did it. no one takes any blame for anything anymore, including here at home. we keep bailing our own selves to stop or no one is going to fix anything. why should you when you just expect the check is coming in the mail. >> should we be bailing out europe, in fact, because what happens over there keeps killing our markets here. it's been nothing but problems for two years. >> the problem with europe started by greece, they lied about their debt, they never had that 3% level you're supposed to have to get in the e.u. so they don't have anything to go back to. and right now angela merkel is trying to bail out her own banks through this huge imf bailout. the same thing that happened
Sep 21, 2012 7:00am EDT
: who wants some cash? >> jonathan: it's a new bmw. it's a pair of new rolexes. >> wayne: a trip to los cabos! >> jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now, here's wayne brady! >> wayne: welcome to "let's make a deal." i'm your host wayne brady. these folks are my traders. i need three people to make a deal with me right now. i need you to make a deal with me, right there. let's see, i need you to make a deal with me. i need to you make a deal with me. come on over here. three of you stand right there. hey, how are you? brian, stand right there for me, sir. now brian, are you a robot or an oven? which... >> i mean i could be either one. i guess robot for all intents and purposes. >> wayne: for all intents... hit us with your best robot. ♪ go, go, go! ( cheers and applause ) you are like a dancing gray boot. ( laughter ) that was awesome. that was awesome, brian, thanks for being here. you are? >> i'm molly? >> wayne: pleasure. and you are? >> kimberly. >> wayne: welcome to the show. now i need to you not block that board because i am going to explain this game to you. this
Sep 19, 2012 4:00pm EDT
. but it's his son, jonathan, that is in trouble with the law now. >> the younger roth made the story up and helped his father. >> conspiracy to commit fraud and false filing of a police report. i never tried to cash in. >> dr. phil: a lot of people want to talk to jonathan. he's here's here today. he will talk about the real story behind the shocking headlines. i have hard questions for him. first, i want to talk to the man representing his father raymond. i want to welcome criminal defense attorney brian davis. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, dr. phil. >> dr. phil: first thing, how is your client doing after he left the psychiatric hospital and where is he now? >> he's living with family. he's undergoing treatment on a daily basis. he seems to be doing better. >> dr. phil: is raymond going to admit the idea was his and that his son had nothing to do with it? >> dr. phil, at this point he's not admitting anything. >> dr. phil: did he fake his own death? >> there's no question that my client left jones beach and went to florida and came back from florida five days later. >> dr. phil
Sep 27, 2012 7:00am EDT
! (screaming) curtain two. jonathan: it's a trip to belize! (yelling) wayne: scooter. (yelling) jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal!" now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: welcome to "let's make a deal." i'm your host wayne brady. that's tiffany coyne. my right-hand man, jonathan mangum, and on the music, cat gray. cat, play me some deal music. who wants to make a deal? let's go! (screaming) let's see. come here, chad. (cheering) how are you doing, chad? come here. -yes! wayne: welcome to the show. -why, hello! wayne: hello, chad. so what are you dressed as, chad? -i'm an '80s workout guy. i love richard simmons, but as you can see i might have dropped out of his program. wayne: yeah, right, you don't need him. you know why you don't need him? because you need 1,500 bucks. that's what you need, here, that's yours. -oh, man. wayne: that's it, and you didn't have to work out to get it. brand new plan. walk down some stairs, you get some cash. that's called the incentivization of working out. -oh, man. wayne: fitness can help you get this. curtain two. jonathan: it's a kia soul!
FOX News
Sep 29, 2012 11:30am EDT
' in." this week we have jonathan, tracy, todd, jim is here, and joining us this week we have sally cohen. welcome to all of you. jim, i'll start with you. why do you like this two-year plan for high school kids? what do you like about it? >> everybody pays taxes, whether they own a home or not, whether they have children or not, everybody pays for education, and every year they get worse education and it costs more. we've dumbed down our school program to rush kids through the system. why not do it the other way? why not had let the achieving kids rush through the system and get away from this burgeoning ed accuracy? beyond that, we're spending money on things that aren't being productive for our economy. let these achieving students, send them the message that if you achieve you will be rewarded. the idea we're going to get any of this taxpayer money back is kind of a mirage. taxpayers never get any money back. it will move on to the next boondoggle. i think it's a good idea. >> half of property taxes go to schools to be fair. tracy, the kids issue, you can get them out of your ho
Sep 26, 2012 7:00am EDT
facebook page. take care, everybody. good night. wayne: whoo! jonathan: a diamond ring! (screams) (laughing) wayne: go big or go home. (howling) you won a car! (screams) this is a very happy man. - i got the big deal? (singing) jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal"! now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! (cheering) wayne: welcome to "let's make a deal", i'm wayne brady, and i want to know, who wants to make a deal? (cheering) kindergarten teacher, come on over here, come to me. come to me. here we go, come here, my dear. watch your step, watch your step. hey there. nice to meet you. nice to meet you, edna. - elizabeth. wayne: why does your name tag say edna? - that's my first name, but i go by my middle name. wayne: okay, well whatever you go by, that's what i'm calling you, elizabeth. welcome to the show. you teach kindergarten in sugar land, texas. - yes, i flew here yesterday to visit my niece. my sister is here in the audience, too. wayne: look at that! well, hi, how you doing? that's just so sweet. - i'm so excited! wayne: so i'm going to give you something, and his
Sep 14, 2012 7:00pm EDT
filmmaker jonathan demme. he is out this month with a new project about neil young. in september, he is releasing another documentary, this colony -- this one about post a katrina new orleans. the film is based on a series with premier called "right to return." that conversation, coming up right now. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it is the cornerstone we all know. it is not just a street, but the place where an walmart stance with your community. -- stands with your community. >> and a contribution from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: always pleased to welcome jonathan demme to this program. the oscar-winning filmmaker has not one but two projects out soon, the first, a rare look at the life of rock icon, neil young. the new film is called "neil young journeys" and opens in theaters june 29. so here now a scene from "neil young journeys." ♪ ♪ >> that used to be the mill where i would catch fish when i was 5 years old, or whatever. this is a town in north ontario. it certainly does not look anything like it did before, but i can smell it. there it
FOX News
Sep 29, 2012 8:30am PDT
. they're not going to drop. >> that's not -- hold on a second, guys. jonathan, i'm coming to you. that's not quite the argument i was making here. the argument is this is one example of a way for states to save money. i'm not saying it's going to bring down everybody's property taxes, but it's one example of righting the wrongs of a state budget. >> maybe it leaves behind more money for those kids at school that need the attention. maybe you keep the money in the school system and put it where it needs the attention. let kids that don't need the aattention achieve and move on. >> jonathan? >> if you really wanted to help the taxpayers and kids, you'd privatize the tax system. that's never going to happen. >> is there anyone wondering the true agenda? they don't want to fix public schools, they want to destroy them. right there, you heard it. >> absolutely, because you've got $600 billion in state and federal funds that as the panel has pointed out gets flushed down the toilet year after year. accelerated kids have always performed in social and -- >> let's talk about new jersey f
Sep 6, 2012 9:00pm PDT
, wisconsin; jonathan katz, director, rita j. kaplan jewish community services, jewish board of family and children services, new york, new york; justin riley, at-large board member, faces and voices of recovery, seattle, washington; bridget ruiz, technical expert lead, division of systems improvement, jbs international, bethesda, maryland. bridget, 21.5 percent of 18- to 25-year-olds have an issue with illicit drugs. talk to me a little bit about that and what kind of drugs are they using. it is quite different than it was even 2 or 3 years ago. we see a huge increase in pharmaceutical drug use, not using it as prescribed. we also see an increase in alcohol use, and binge drinking is a serious problem, as well as some of the more legal types of drugs labeled as incense or those types of things in different smoke shops. and jonathan, does that hold true for what you are seeing in new york city? absolutely. we are seeing the use or the misuse of drugs such as ritalin, adderall, inderal being used for specific purposes to help kids stay up late and study, to calm kids down. we're also se
Sep 28, 2012 7:00am EDT
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Sep 25, 2012 7:00am EDT
of the day! it is fabulous! jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: bienvenidos caballeros to "let's make a deal." i'm your host wayne brady, how you doing today? you know what we do, right? we make deals. who wants to make a deal? four people, let's go! (cheers and applause) i think... okay, you, stay right there, you stay right there, you stay right there. you stay right there. everybody else sit down. everybody else sit down for me. all right, so i've got four prizes. so four people, so i'll start here with you. you are maysa? - yes, so nice to meet you. wayne: nice to meet you, maysa, a pleasure. - you have a nice suit. wayne: thank you so much. you too! - thank you, sir. wayne: so what's the injury that would mean that you have the dog collar on? - i've always wanted to wear one my whole life, and here i am! wayne: so we have a small box for you, the small box is yours. it could be good, could be bad, it could be great, could be a zonk. you go with the box, or pass on that and wait for the next deal to come back around. if yo
Sep 24, 2012 7:00am EDT
. wayne: who wants some cash? you got yourself a brand new car, baby! jonathan: a sapphire and diamond necklace. wayne: a trip to los cabos! (screaming) (shouting) jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal"! now here's tv's big dealer, wayne brady! wayne: everybody, welcome back to "let's make a deal." and by back, i mean fourth season. fourth season! so to get things started off right now, who wants to make a deal with me? let's see, let's see, let's see, let's see, let's see. (cheers and applause) come here, cow girl. i think you're a cow girl. i couldn't really... hey. hey, nice pie plates. stand over here for me, sweetheart, because jonathan mangum is coming over here. ladies and gentlemen, you remember jonathan mangum. tv's own jonathan mangum. jonathan: thank you, mr. brady. wayne: welcome, brother. so, we have these gifts, jonathan and myself and the beautiful tiffany coyne. tiffany: hi! wayne: we can't give these gifts to each other, so we're going to give the gifts away to you. so we have four gifts. now before we give you a gift, because it is the fourth season and we're bac
Sep 9, 2012 6:00pm EDT
" welcome. >> good to be with you. >> and joining us in the studio -- jonathan strong and jonathan weisman. gentlemen, thank you for joining us today. let's start with the unemployment figures. 8.1% in the united states with jobless figures added back. what does that mean? >> it means we're headed in the right direction, but what it means emphatically is the republicans should have passed the president's jobs bill. it is the only jobs bill that is out there. it puts 2.1 million people back to work. what we ought to do is take the time -- because we hear repeatedly the republicans talk about the number of people that are unemployed. it just seems that their policies need to be geared towards seeing the president's failure rather than seeing the nation's succeed. that should be the order of business. frankly, we should really get the jobs bill done. >> go ahead. >> congressman, it has been 3 1/2, almost four years president obama has been in office. how many years do you expect voters to give him to bring the economy back to where was before the financial crisis? >> how many years do
Sep 19, 2012 7:00am EDT
deal" theme playing ) >> wayne: who wants some cash? ( cheers and applause ) >> jonathan: it's a new bmw! ( cheers and applause ) it's a pair of new rolexes! ( cheers and applause ) >> wayne: a trip to los cabos! ( laughter ) >> you've got to come. it's the best! >> jonathan: it's time for "let's make a deal." now here's wayne brady! ( cheers and applause ) >> wayne: welcome. i'm wayne brady. who wants to make a deal? let's see... you, come with me. got the first person. welcome to the show. hey, boxer, you are? >> heather. >> wayne: nice to meet you. show me your boxing form. yup, there you go. man, are you dangerous. wow. so you own... do you want to know what you own? >> yeah. >> wayne: you own this small box that jonathan mangum is holding. jonathan is an amateur pugilist himself. >> yeah? >> wayne: so you own this small box. you own curtain number one, and you own the big box on stage. those three things are yours. that sounds great, right? >> yeah. >> wayne: the thing is, you have to give two away. what is the first thing you would give away if you had to-- small box, big box,
Sep 23, 2012 9:20pm EDT
debate, third party libertarian candidate jonathan dine. this one hour debate is hosted by the missouri press association. >> thank you phil and welcome again to the missouri press association debates. let me introduce to you today our candidates, we have to my left, republican congressman todd akin. in the middle, democratic senator claire mccaskill. at the end, libertarian candidate jonathan dine. let me also introduce to you today our panel of journalist who will be joining me and asking questions today of the candidates. we have a student at the university of missouri, we have bill miller of the washington missourian and jeff fox of the independent examiner. now let me briefly go over the rules of our debate today. the candidates drew numbers in advance to determine their speaking order. they will each have two minutes for an opening statement. candidates will have the 90 seconds to answer each question with a 45 second rebuttal at the option of the moderator. i will ask the first question and then our panelist will take turns asking questions. at the end of the debate, can
Sep 15, 2012 5:00am PDT
better future for them. >> soccer. jonathan's abiding passion. his mother brought the family to washington, d.c. when he was 6 years old. he started playing soccer right away. but his football career was nipped in tbe bud. >> they told us that the next week we were going to brazil for a tournament, and they said to bring our paperwork. our documents. i spoke to the coach and told him my situation, how i don't have any papers or anything and he said well i'm sorry but i'm going to have to drop you from the roster. you can't be playing no more. >> it was a terrible disappointment. but when he and his mother left bolivia and entered the us 14 years ago, they had no papers. >> i felt like i was so close to accomplishing what i wanted, but there was something right there that was stopping me trying to accomplish my dreams. >> today, jonathan is celebrating his 20th birthday with his mother, his sister and a friend of the family who works with immigrants. >> there's a culture in many parts of the us of fear of immigrants, of wishing that people who were different would go home. >> 19-
Sep 9, 2012 10:00am EDT
"newsmakers." our guest is john larson. also joining us -- jonathan strong and jonathan weisman. >> congressman, your the chair of the democratic caucus. at the end of this congress, you will be term-limited al. the you expect to have a leadership role in the next congress? >> hour and tighter focus -- our entire focus is winning back the majority. >> as you know, there are candidates running for vice chair. >> let me say the vice chairman position and the chairman position of our caucus -- there is an excellent role. it is, as you point out, term- limited. most members, i daresay, and our caucus are focused on their reelection. your colleagues understand that you're running. but i will guarantee you that both jared and joe and barbara lee and others seeking positional all indicate the primary focus is to win the majority. >> will the house remain in republican control? >> as it stands today, and just listening to the reports that we have during this past convention week, we are right there. and we believe once we get a little bit of a sale to our back here -- sail to are back h
FOX News
Sep 27, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. jonathan, prime minister binyamin netanyahu is portraying this essentially as a fight between good and evil. >>jonathan: he absolutely put iran in the evil bracket. he said the regime is essentially the face of radical islam and the iranian regime would like to return the world to medieval times and the rest of the world is aware that iran has been a global sponsor of terrorism. to the delegates inside the general assembly, he put a simple question. i ask you, given this record of iranian agression without nuclear weapons, imagine iranian aggression with nuclear weapons. imagine their long-range missiles tipped with nuclear warheads, their terror networks armed with atomic bombs. who among you would feel safe in the middle east? who would be safe in europe? who would be safe in america? >>jonathan: a very simple message that the entire world should fear a nuclear armed iran. >>shepard: he went into some degree of detail about the concept of a red line. than then he -- then he showed a simple die -- diagram and he asked the u.n. delegates in the general assembly hall another simple
FOX News
Sep 12, 2012 7:00pm EDT
life. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live in our newsroom in new york where we are gathering breaking details now. jonathan, there were signs early on that this was a very different event from the protest that happened in cairo, egypt. >> yeah. superficially as they unfolded yesterday, they may have and similar. but when you took a closer look, there were very significant differences. for instance, the cairo protest took place in broad daylight. a large mob, at least 1,000 according to some eye eyewitnesses marching on the embassy. not appearing to try to breech the embassy building itself just get on top of that wall. they were all apparently as well unarmed. now go to benghazi, libya. very different. an operation carried out under the darkness of night by a much smaller group, around 20 heavily armed militia. guns and rocket-propelled grenades, an attack according to a lot of experts could not have taken place without some significant planning about. then on top of that, shep, there is the timing. this attack came just hours after that al qaeda video you ha
FOX News
Sep 14, 2012 12:00pm PDT
of the places where the protests are taking place. >>jonathan: the most violent scenes was in sudan, where protesters first attacked the german and british embassies before moving on to the u.s. embassy. they got into the compounds, raised the islamic flags and guarded fired warning shots in the air. we are now hearing that at least three demonstrators were killed during the riots and protests in sudan. this was also violence in tripoli, a northern city in lebanon, where kentucky fried chicken franchises and hardy's were attacked by a mob. this is all happening in lebanon, coincidentally or not, on the day that the pope arrived for a three-day visit. a very tense situation there. you can imagine, a lost security surrounding the pope's visit. >>trace: u.s. official would like the leaders of the country to come out with a lot stronger word condemning the violence. >>jonathan: we heard president obama saying that at the ceremony honoring the dead americans at joint base andrews calling on the nations where the protests are taking place, saying that their leaders have "an obligation to
Sep 3, 2012 9:00am PDT
, kelefa sanneh and jonathan alter of bloomberg view. the rnc is over and the dnc is one day away. we are at halftime, america, and here's how it looks. governor romney left the convention and stopped in louisiana to tour the storm damage before holding rallies in the swing states of ohio and florida. today, he's taking time off at his vacation home in new hampshire and tomorrow, he will hold three days of debate prep at a secluded undisclosed location in vermont. his running mate spent saturday, the official start of college football season, at a tailgate and for the man atop the ticket, football speak was the order of the day. >> i don't like the way this game is going under this president. if you have a coach that's 0-23 million you say it's time to get a new coach. it's time for america to see a winning season again and we're going to bring it to them. >> meanwhile, president obama is gearing up for his convention with a four-day swing state route, one that included iowa and colorado this weekend. today, he holds a rally in ohio, then will tour hurricane damage in louisiana before hea
Sep 6, 2012 9:30pm PDT
in a context that they are very familiar with. jonathan, when and how should a parent first intervene? we have heard from justin and his experience. but overall, what-we know the signs. we already talked about them. how should they intervene with a potentially problem situation? you know, tami used an important word, which was to have the conversation. i think that is crucial to begin to talk about what they see, what their concerns are and what is going on. it can be very challenging because, you know, as i think bridget and justin mentioned, adolescence is a time of experimentation. it's a time of risk taking. so, you know, one doesn't want to smother your kid or be what is referred to nowadays as a "helicopter parent," which my daughter accused me-but at the same time, one needs to have that conversation and begin to address the issues and point out what your concerns are and maybe set some parameters for what you are looking at and follow up. and see if things are not getting better, if you are seeing the same things that concern you, it's important to seek help, seek so
Sep 24, 2012 11:00am PDT
offensive. >> let me bring in the political panel today. thank you all for your time. jonathan, let me start off with you. obviously, you're a conservative republican here. do you find this line of attack, the bump in the roads, that mitt romney is trying to get some traction on desperate and orchsive as carney described it? >> certainly not. this isn't the first time we've seen obama do this. last year he was talking about the economy, and he said, well, americans have kind of gotten soft. this is something the president tries to do when there's bad things in his record that he tries to shove underneath the rug. really, really awful things happen in the middle east, terrible things happen at the libyan embassy and he's trying to minimize those. you can call him out on that. >> peter alexander pushed back on governor romney saying that the bump in the road or at least alluding to the fact it plays into the deaths of the americans and how the president processes. let me play this again. >> in your heart of hearts president obama wasn't deeply saddened about the loss of four american liv
FOX News
Sep 24, 2012 3:00pm EDT
mocked mohammed saying we need laws to protect the "divine prophet." jonathan hunt has the news and is live at united nations. that is a preview of what ahmadinejad will deliver on wednesday. >>jonathan: certainly it seems so. president ahmadinejad seems as determined as ever to be as controversial and confrontational as ever. today, in a meeting with reporters at his mid--town manhattan hotel he mocked the idea that israel may launch an attack against iran's nuclear facility. >> fundamentally, we do not take seriously the threats of the zionists, an attack on iran by them, although iran at the end of the day is a great country. let me assure you, we do have all defensive means at our disposal. we are ready to defend ourselves >>jonathan: the white house responded to those and other controversial comments through national security council spokesman who said and i quote, "president ahmadinejad's comments are characterally disgusting, offenseive and outrageous and underscore again why america's commitment to the security of israel must be unshakeable and why the world must hold iran acco
Sep 30, 2012 5:05am EDT
come from bill milr and go to jonathan dine. >> the u.s. postal svice is very important to most of the people in this room today. it is now trying to go into a program that would compete and be unfair to newspapers. in many cases, newspapers the largest customer for the post office in the community. what i like to know is, what is your position on this issue and the other issues of closing rural post offices and iminating saturday livery. what's your position on this? what would do you in the senate to help rural newspapers and community newspapers that depend on the ptal service? >> like many of the things run by the government, the postal office is one of them that's very inefficient. i have a friend who works for the postal office as mail carriers. he gets four days straight, ten hours a day. every time he's needed, he gets more oveime. the federal government instead of hiring postal service, will prefer to pay double time or time in a half to one individual wasting more money instead of hiring more people and creating more jobs. i think that the postal service should cut cost i
Sep 25, 2012 9:00am PDT
>>> joining me today, msnbc contributor jonathan capehart of the "washington post," nbc news political analyst former pennsylvania governor and the current governor of "now," ed rendell. the queen bee of -- >> great honor. >> it's our honor. the queen bee of the joy reid and host of cycle, steve kornacki. president obama is minutes away from addressing the clinton global initiative. it's been a busy morning for both filled with speeches and media appearances in and around new york city. mitt romney spoke to the clinton global initiative and sat down with education nation. president obama spoke to the u.n. general assembly, follow that, abc aired an interview he and the first lady taped for "the view." the meeting of the united nations general assembly has put foreign policy front and center. president obama used the ait tack on the u.s. consulate in libya and the death on ambassador stevens to make the case for a broader philosophy regarding the future of the relations between the middle east and the west. >> the events of the last two weeks also speaks to the need f
Sep 25, 2012 6:30pm PDT
tiene la decisiÓn dle la corto de los Ángeles. jonathan ramÍrez no olvida lo que pasÓ. >>> me costaba mÁs para sacarlo de lo que habÍa pagado para comprarlo wro >>> jonathan inmigrante indocumentado, respuesta irÓ la 7 por medio de lo cual no decomisan autos de conductores sin licencia. >>> les costaba un dineral pero tremendo no este departamento no estÁ aquÍ para recaudar fondos para ninguna identidad de los Ángeles >>> el sindicato de policias quiere que se anule el cambio de polÍtico, y que los oficiales se les requiere que hagan cumplir leyes sin tener en cuenta estatus migratorio >>> es sÓlo de la ley, pero como sabemos que la orden estÁ porque ayuda a la comunidad, eso realmente lo busca >>> hemos visto en la comunidad no quiere tener una policÍa en noviembre la policÍa de los Ángeles, desestima y polÍtica mÁs compa etiva el juicio empiea el prÓximo mes de abril, en los Ángeles, carlos botifoll telemundo. tambiÉn en california un incendio en la frontera con mÉxico ha dejado un muerto mÁs de 30 casas de fluida y el 40%, ya han devastado y no se conoce las caus
Sep 22, 2012 12:00pm PDT
. ana marie cox, correspondent for "the guardian" and jonathan, opinion writer for the "washington post." >> hi, craig. >> before the adjournment, six house democrats wrote a letter to house speaker jon boehner saying in part democrats do not believe the house should recess this week or at all until we have met our responsibilities to the american people. our nation can ill afford economic uncertainty that will result from congress remaining idle for another six weeks. the letter didn't do much. congress convened for fewer days this election year than any of the past two presidential election years. what's the significance of this for the president, given what he said about change in washington earlier this week? >> what this will do is make people remind them why they don't like congress in the first place. this congress is the least popular in a very long time. the signators of that letter are former democratic leaders in the house. nancy pelosi at the top of the list. what you see is political gamesmanship. no one expected congress to get anything done before election day. >> not eve
Sep 9, 2012 5:30am PDT
. >> jonathan lee iverson is living that dream. >> welcome to the greatest show on earth! >> he's in the spotlight as the first african-american ringmaster at ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus. >> you know, one of the things i always tell people about circus life and especially here at the greatest show on earth is you don't play a ringmaster. you don't play a trapeze artist, you don't play a daredevil. you are these things and everything you do in your personal life centers around what you're going to do later that night or three times on saturday. >> it was the chance of a lifetime that suddenly appeared just after he graduated college. >> this opportunity to be the ringmaster of the greatest show on effort was prefrnsented to m. it was history. i thought this is a great pickup line. ringmaster. >> i think i fell in love as soon as i saw him. it's not only the person, it's when he's on stage as a ringmaster he takes care of the arena. he's so charismatic. yeah, he's amazing. but he's a great person too. >> jonathan's brazilian-born wife is a dancer and line captain with the
Sep 5, 2012 4:30am EDT
-old sapfa sergeant dunne jonathan schmitz of petersburg was killed during a firefight -- 28-year-old staff sgt jonathan schmitt. and baby seals killed in afghanistan will be laid to rest today. patrick feeks of edgewater will be buried this afternoon at the fort myers memorial chapel. -- he will be there will be a memorial for him at fort myers memorial chapel and then he will be buried at arlington national. >> officials are getting rid of trees through friday between norwood drive and cumberland avenue during the daytime to keep the old trees from falling on cars, but it means one lane of wisconsin avenue will be closed. >> pickup trucks are driving u.s. automobile sales. >> and fedex delivers bad news on the economy. linda bell has more. >> good morning. the u.s. government is still bleeding money. the treasury department says it just hit $16 trillion for the first time ever. republicans and democrats continue to debate on ways to trim the deficit. 10 years ago but that was just over $6 trillion. fedex has slowing economic growth hurting demand. fedex it moves goods all over the g
Sep 14, 2012 5:00pm PDT
distinto las imágenes. >> la policía dijo que jonathan sacó una pistola, pero se ve que nunca la sacó, solo corrió. >> la policía dijo que en la escena encontraron el arma que jonathan tenía, pero no habían huellas del joven, por eso la familia dice que la muerte de jonathan es una injusticia y pusieron una demanda civil. >> por lo tanto, según ellos el tiroteo fue justificado y el oficial regresó a patrullar las calles, regresamos a los estudios de "primer impacto". >> que lamentable, el colombia descubrieron que una embarazada desaparecida había sido asesinada por su novio, con la ayuda de una adolescente que tenía una relación, todo parece indicar que la enterraron viva. >> por cuarto día consecutivo, continúan las protestas en las embajadas de estados unidos, alemania y gran bretaña, incendiaron árboles y destruyeron ventanas. >> la capital de egipto, la violencia también se apoderó de las calles aledañas. >> el presidente barack obama y la secretaria hillary clinton recibieron al embajador muerto en los ataques en libia. >> una amenaza de bomba provocó la e
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